the confession

Jun 17, 2010

you never cared anyway

i hate to talk about this. it's always the same old issue with you. you always think you're right. you never bother to ask me what's wrong, all you do is point at my fault and nag. i don't really care about the nagging anyway, it's your habit. no one can deny that.

another thing, i hate it when you don't give a response to what i'm saying. I JUST HATE THE LOOK YOU HAVE ON YOUR FACE WHEN YOU'RE TURNING AWAY WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU. when i don't respond, it's rude, but if you're doing it it's all okay. is it fair? well, why don't you do the thinking?

you know what, i'll be really grateful if i ever have a chance to spend a moment with you, have a heart-to-heart talk. where you just listen and consider. don't mind all the tears that'll be rolling down my cheeks. just let me finish pouring out what i've been keeping inside. only then you tell me what's right or wrong. i'm just a normal human being. i make mistakes. and of course i do know how to behave and respect others. but i also have my own feelings. have you ever think of taking care of it? you always say, what you always want is a mutual relationship between us. well, from what i see, you're the one not doing the part.

Jun 9, 2010

I understand that there are some problems
And I am not too blind to know
All the pain you kept inside you
Even though you might not show
If I can't apologize for being wrong
Then it's just a shame on me
I'll be the reason for your pain
And you can put the blame on me

Jun 8, 2010

school holiday is such a bore but i dont wanna go to school either

what to do during school hols :
  1. eat eat eat :D
  2. watch korean dramas. what else? ^_^
  3. homeworks / study?
  4. pointless addmath project -___-
  5. Big Bang myself everyday. what more can i do? they're korean most swoon-worthy boyband :DD
  6. hang out with my cousins.
  7. work out! chehh. haha. anything for Yoona's bod and legs ;p
  8. learn hangeul.
so there's this boy, he actually asked me to write about him at my blog. i dont really know what to write about him but all i know is his funny attitude makes him someone's fun to be around with. oh and, he was born a day before me. haha.there you go Shawn? happy now? haha :D


can't wait for it to be mine. hehehe. sabar. just a few days left :)

blah blah blah

the only Girls Generation song i can relate to.

Echo, echo
(Echo, echo) What kind of man are you?!
You keep thinking that all girls belongs to you! (Echo-oh~, echo-oh~)

I’ve never met a person like you
You make my heart flutter
But all you do is think about the other girls
I can see it all with my eyes.

Thinking that all girls belongs to you.
Assuming that everyone will like you.
The people who are around are oblivious.
Here and there, you sweet words,

Echo, echo, echo, echo
Your voice keeps bothering me like an
Echo, echo, echo in my mind
I tried so hard to block it but it’s like an
Echo, echo, echo, echo
It wasn’t meant for me so why am I acting like an idiot and it’s like an
Echo, echo, echo in my brain
It sounds as if you’re talking to me, now I’m starting to like you!

It’s a crime to be clueless.
No matter how much I shout in my mind,
You can’t hear it because it’s part of the penalty.
But it’s not that easy to give up either.

You start your game once you leave home.
Girls who’re passing by are so fine.
Once they are hooked, you put your moves on
Here and there, your sweet words

If you wish for the best of us then throw your hands up!
(Throw your hands up!)
If you think you can treat me better than he did then throw your hands up!
(Throw your hands up!)

Echo, echo, echo, echo!
Your voice keeps bothering me!
Echo, echo, echo, echo!
Hey you womanizer, try to be nice to me too!
Echo, echo, echo, echo (my love~)
Echo-oh, echo-oh (my love~)

closer than you thought

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no need to tell my name again and again. you are well aware of that. a little less about me; i'm one of a kind earthlings. bet you won't find a creature like me in your sundry stores. i sing my heart out when i'm mad. i enjoy composing poems as it enables me to picture myself in others situation. i do blog even when my composition is nothing to be proud of. i do polyvore although 'lack in fashion sense' is my middle name. i do have scarce number of friends with different skintone while my english command is nothing to be compared with my other amigos. i do photography even when i really don't produce photos that make people go 'aahh'. so that's what jazrina really is. trying to live her life to the fullest even when she doesn't excel in everything she tries:)